Control price imposed for dengue laboratory diagnostics

 06/19/2017 - 13:13
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The Ministry of Health states that the revised price for dengue laboratory diagnostics which is 250 rupees will come into effect from today.

Director General of Health Services Jayasundara Bandara expressing his views to News24 said that laboratories & pharmacies island wide have been notified regarding the price ceiling for a full blood count diagnostic while institutes or individuals guilty of overcharging the public would be prosecuted. 

Meanwhile the National Dengue Prevention Unit says that according to the latest statistics, one out of three dengue patients reported is a child.

Community Specialist of the National Dengue Eradication Unit of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Priscilla Samaraweera when contacted by News24 said that the public should remain vigilant regarding a potential spike in this tendency and should draw the required precautions.

Over 63,000 patients have tested positive for dengue island wide, with a majority being reported from the Western Province.

The National Dengue Eradication Unit also said that 200 mortalities have occurred as a result of contracting dengue.

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