Bill Nye Saves the World Season 2 confirmed by Netflix

 06/16/2017 - 10:52
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The Netflix original series Bill Nye Saves the World has been confirmed for season 2 with the release of an official announcement trailer. Serving in small part as a 21st century update to the seminal 1990s children’s educational series Bill Nye the Science Guy, the latest talk show program starring real-life American mechanical engineer Bill Nye sees the beloved TV host and scientist setting his sights on explaining popular concepts in modern scientific research as they intersect and react with politics, pop culture, and society.

After taking the time to refute various urban myths and anti-scientific claims made in the real world, Nye has taken to hosting the thirteen-episode first season of Bill Nye Saves the World to answer various questions and concerns surrounding many prominent topics – most notably including climate change, alternative medicines, and even video games. Following the first season order from Netflix earlier this year, it would appear that the online streaming network has officially renewed the show for a second season.

Bill Nye