The X-Files’ surprise character return explained

 01/12/2018 - 07:48
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The long-awaited eleventh season of The X-Files is off to a strong start, with its provocative first episode, “My Struggle III,” offering a shocking revelation that drove fans into a fevered frenzy. Episode 2, “This,” is a surreal dive into cyberpunk themes, Russian conspiracies, and the long-awaited return of a certain fan-favorite character.

The episode opens with Mulder and Scully sleeping on the couch, ostensibly watching television, when Mulder’s phone is suddenly hacked, with an image of Richard “Ringo” Langley taking over his screen and asking for help. Yes, that Ringo Langley, of The Lone Gunmen! Is he alive? After all, the character was killed off, along with fellow Gunmen John Fitzgerald Byers and Melvin Frohike, in the season 9 episode, “Jump The Shark,” which closed the book on the characters via a dramatic heroic sacrifice. Their ghosts even returned in the grand finale to offer advice to Mulder… And it’s definitely not a dream, like their cameo in season 10.
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