Netflix is recruiting a Will Smith army to promote bright

 11/15/2017 - 08:42
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Netflix is calling upon all people named Will Smith to help promote their new original film, Bright. It may be hard to remember these days, but for the first few years of his career, Will Smith wasn’t even known as Will Smith. When the sitcom-star-turned-blockbuster-movie-star got his start as a rapper in the mid-1980s, he was known as The Fresh Prince. Even when he started being credited under his real name when The Fresh Prince of Bel Air launched in 1990, Smith continued to use the Fresh Prince moniker for his music, until going by Will Smith his “Big Willie Style” album in 1997.

The actor has been all Will Smith, all the time for many years now, and he’s preparing for the launch of Bright, a sci-fi crime film that’s headed to Netflix in December, and reunites Smith with his Suicide Squad director David Ayer. The film is one of the most expensive and high-profile of the new generation of direct-to-Netflix feature films, and the streaming service has come up with a rather unorthodox way to promote the new film.
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